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Early Voting Center Locations
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Early Voting
As one of the convenient ways to vote, the Florida Legislature allows voters to cast a ballot prior to Election Day at any designated Early Voting Center. Unlike Election Day when a voter must vote in his or her designated polling place, a voter can vote at any Early Voting Center.

Early Voting Hours

State and Federal Elections:

At a minimum, early voting must begin on the 10th day before an election and end on the 3rd day before the election, and shall be provided for no less than eight hours and no more than 12 hours per day at each site during the applicable period.

Early voting may be offered at the discretion of the supervisor of elections on the 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, or 2nd day before an election for at least eight hours per day, but not more than 12 hours per day.

Other Elections:

The Supervisor of Elections may provide early voting for elections that are not held in conjunction with a state or federal election. The supervisor has the discretion to determine the days and hours of operation of early voting sites in these elections.

How to Vote Early
Voting at an early voting center is very much like voting at your precinct.  You must show acceptable Photo and Signature ID. If you are unable to provide photo and signature ID you will be issued a provisional ballot.

At early voting you will receive the same type of ballot and you will use the same type of voting equipment that is used at the polls on Election Day. The votes are saved immediately but the results are not tabulated until election night.

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