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Orange County Supervisor of Elections Approves August Ballot  

Published on Fri, 06/21/2024 - 11:25

First in the State: Orange County Supervisor of Elections Approves August Ballot  

Empowering Voters, Enhancing Access: A Milestone in Electoral Transparency and Innovation 


Orange County, FL (June 21, 2024) – First in the state! The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office has finalized the ballot layout for the August 20, 2024, Primary, a critical step in preparing for the upcoming election. 

In Florida, ballot layout is governed by the state administrative code (1S-2.032 Uniform Design for Election Ballots), which specifies how candidates should be listed, what information is required, and what information is not allowed on the ballot.  

Since the end of candidate qualifying on Friday, June 14 staff at the elections office has been compiling candidate names and proofreading drafts.  

The ballot has now been sent to print. 

Florida’s primary election in Orange County will feature ballots for Democrats, Republicans, and NPA (voters registered with no party affiliation) while also listing each race and voting instructions in English and Spanish. 

“I cannot say enough about the amazing work of the team here at the Orange County Elections office,” said Orange County Supervisor of Elections Glen Gilzean. “There is so much that goes into laying out a ballot and proofreading it before an election and this team was able to finish its work in record time, something that gives us increased flexibility heading into August and November.” 

There are more than 800,000 registered voters in Orange County. 

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