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Canvassing Board

The County Canvassing Board is made up of the Supervisor of Elections, a County Court Judge (who acts as chair), and a County Commissioner. Two alternate members (a County Court Judge and a County Commissioner) are also appointed. The County Canvassing Board meets at the Supervisor of Elections office to publicly canvass the vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots.

If any member of the County Canvassing Board is unable to serve, is a candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed, or is an active participant in the campaign or candidacy of any candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed, such member will be replaced pursuant to Florida Statute 102.141.

The Canvassing Board conducts all business at the Supervisor of Elections office. Public notice of the dates and times of all meetings will be posted on our website.

For more details on County Canvassing Board duties please refer to Florida Election Laws F.S. 102.141.

Download the Canvassing Board Appearance Request Form (PDF)

Download the Orange County Canvassing Board Rules Governing Public Comment (PDF)

Download the 2022 Canvassing Board Calendar (PDF)

Orange County Canvassing Board Members

County Judge Steve Jewett, Chair
County Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Supervisor of Elections, Bill Cowles

Alternate County Judges

Judge Jeanette Bigney
Judge Tina Caraballo

Alternate County Commissioner

County Commissioner Mayra Uribe

Canvassing Board Attorneys

Whitney Evers, Assistant County Attorney
Nicholas Shannin, Supervisor of Elections Office Attorney
Jeff Newton, County Attorney

Public Meeting Notices

Download the Public Test Notice (PDF)

Download the May 11, 2022 Public Meeting Notice (PDF)

Download the May 11, 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Download the May 13, 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF)


For past public meeting notices, minutes, or minutes attachments, contact our Records Department.