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Military and Overseas Voters

If you are a United States uniformed services member on active duty, a Merchant Marine member, spouse or dependent thereof, or a United States citizen residing outside of the country, you can register to vote and request a vote-by-mail ballot by using the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). You can get a FPCA from any Voting Assistance Officer or online at the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

Vote-by-mail ballots are mailed to military and overseas citizens no later than 45 days before each election. You can ask to have your vote-by-mail ballot either faxed or emailed to you instead of receiving it by regular mail. If you include an email address with your vote-by-mail ballot request, we will notify you by email that your request has been received. We will also provide you the estimated date your ballot will be sent, and let you know when we receive your voted ballot.

If you have not received your ballot two weeks before the election, contact us. If it is getting close to Election Day and you still have not received your vote-by-mail ballot, you can still vote for any federal office and state and local elections involving two or more candidates by using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB). For more information about the FPCA or FWAB, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

Visit our Vote-By-Mail page to track the status of your vote-by-mail ballot.

Download a Public Records Exemption Request Form (Division of Elections Website)

Please fax your completed forms to (407) 254-6577.