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New Sticker!


Published on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 16:26

This year voters will see a few news things from our office!

The theme for 2020 is Be Election Focused, and we have an updated logo to go along with it:

Vote logo with 2020 glasses and a line underneath reading "Be Election Focused"

Also starting this year, you will receive a new sticker when you vote! For the first time, the sticker will also be included with vote-by-mail ballots. The sticker features several Orange County landmarks and an orange-and-green color scheme.

Vote sticker with Orange County landmarks and "Orange County, Florida" around the green edge.

You will first be able to receive the sticker during the Presidential Preference Primary and Municipal Elections. Show it off in some I Voted selfies (just don't take them inside the polling place!) and tag us on Facebook or Twitter (@OCFElections).

Download the New Sticker press release (PDF)